About Minister Vin

"Over 10 years experience in Wedding  Ceremonies and Public Speaking."

Hello there, my name is Vin Roybal I am an ordained minister, legally registered to marry couples in New Mexico. “We are all children of the same universe” is one of my beliefs, and it is important to me that I do my part to bring a positive experience to the world. We all crave a happy life, and we all seek that special someone to unite with in creating our happy lives. When we find that someone and desire to make a loving commitment, we often want to celebrate the event with our family and friends.

The planning stage begins, and unless the couple has a religious leader who will perform the ceremony, it suddenly dawns on them that they must find someone to officiate the wedding. The process usually begins with being uncertain how to find such a person. What are they even called? Most often, we are called officiants, and sometimes celebrants. I call myself an officiant. Some choose to call me Minister Vin, but I prefer simplicity, so feel free to call me Vin.

Location, Location Location...

I reside in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I love to perform destination wedding ceremonies. My service area covers much of the Albuquerque Metro area.  I will consider traveling to various other New Mexico locations to officiate at a wedding, but we’ll need to discuss the particular location ahead of time. Additional travel expenses may apply, to destination weddings, depending upon where I’m asked to go. Let's chat!

Secular, Civil Ceremonies

I specialize in officiating at secular, civil, non-denominational ceremonies. Couples who belong to a church or follow a particular religion will generally find it easy to locate a minister, priest, or rabbi to perform the ceremony. However, couples who aren’t particularly religious or have different spiritual beliefs, or none at all, are often left with very slim choices. Sure, they can always go to a Justice of the Peace, but that leaves out the entire celebration process. This is where I fit in. I’m here for those couples seeking a beautiful secular wedding that is officiated by someone who cares about them instead of any particular religious label. If that is the kind of officiant you need, let’s discuss the details of your upcoming special day.

Faith-Based Ceremonies

Of course, some couples cannot find a religious leader willing to perform their ceremony due to various rules of that denomination, or other situations that may be in play, such as previous divorces, etc., and those couples are welcome to discuss having me officiate their ceremony. I can’t take the place of any particular type of minister. In other words, I can’t wave a magic wand and suddenly be a Catholic priest, so I can’t give you an official Catholic wedding. The same applies for many other specific denominations of any religion. But if you simply want a non-denominational wedding that includes wording and traditions from your particular faith, I can accommodate that type of marriage ceremony.

Vow Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies

Am I only a New Mexico wedding officiant? Actually, I’m not limited to officiating at wedding ceremonies. I love performing renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies as well. These are just as meaningful to loving couples, and it is my pleasure to be a part of those events.